Real Estate Broker

Daddy has been a licensed real estate broker since 1997. He will be renewing his license this year with the Philippine Regulation Commission. He has been selling house and lots, condominium units and many other real estate properties. Her sister Vivian lived in Miami for three years. She told us to visit if daddy have clients who wants to buy properties in Miami. Clients would also have an easy time looking for their dream house once they visit their website online. Hopefully daddy will be able to sell some properties there and receive huge professional fees.


Daddy is going to his weekly hangout again this Saturday. He eats while surfing the web at Tacos del Norte in Laoag City while waiting for Andre to finish his Kumon. Their Burritos is the best in town. You will also like thei Chicken Flautas and cheese Quesadilla. The place offers free Wifi connection too. That’s why it is daddys fave hangout.

Trail Cam for You

My sister in law April loves to shoot. Photography is in her genes. She takes good photos using her digicam and even pictures using her iPhone 4s. I believe that April should take a look at Trail Camera Ratings so that she will be able to find out the best camera to buy. The first thing to consider when you are purchasing a new trail camera is where and how are you going to use it. When deciding which camera is right for you, you might consider one on the basis of size, flash type, picture quality, and even price.

Promo Airfare

Daddy will be going to Manila next month. He is looking for cheap Cebu Pacific flight but he hasn’t been successful. Seat sale are usually available for hours after the airlines announces its promo. Too bad he is going to take a bus going to Manila. Take care daddy.

Battery Replacement

My two year old laptop recently lost its battery. Now I have to use it while being plugged from an electric source. I tried searching for replaceable battery at and I was glad to know that the battery pack for my laptop is available. They will be shipping my purchases after three working days. Well that is good service indeed. Now I can tell my friends to check out their website if they are looking for batteries for their electronic gadgets such as cameras, laptop, iphone, camcorder and many others.

Internet Safety

The Internet is a haven for cyberbullies, sexual predators, and identity thieves. Our child is often online and seems oblivious to the dangers.
We need to teach our children Internet safety. First, let consider some things you should know about life online. Our children can access the internet through mobile devices. The rule that the computer should be placed in a common area of the house still has merit. But with a tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet, your teenager may have more access to the online world than ever—and without your supervision. So we need to make sure that we see them when they use the computers.

Going Back to the States

Lolo will be going back to the US on April 27 together with Lola. Before leaving Manila, Lolo is looking for find cheap eyeglasses that he will bring to States. He’d probably buy 2 pair of eyeglasses, one for him and the other one will be for Sheila, his fave daughter. We will definitely miss Lolo and Lola since they will be staying in Los Angeles for more than a year. Have a safe trip folks.

Windmills in Burgos

Our town Burgos is known for tourist spots like Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Kapurpurawan rock formation, Avis and Kaangrian Falls. Our nearby town, Bangui is known for its 20 windmills near the seashore. The view is breathtaking. Soon, our town will have its own windmills. More than 30 windmills are being constructed currently on the mountainside of Burgos near Kapurpurwan. After its completion, more tourists will flock to our town and that translate to more business.

Wigs For Me

Do you always try different styles for your hair? I had short hair when I was in college and now my hair is long. Sometimes I wanted to try having it curled. One day, using a wig crossed my mind. There are synthetic wig designs available in the market like tony of beverly wigs that are made from an exclusive blend of fiber. Many have tried using wigs to enjoy natural and unique style that would otherwise be impossible with your own hair. I hope that it will look good on me once I tried it soon.

Recognition Day

Andre just turned eight last week. The school’s recognition day will be held next Friday which means that summer is just around the corner. Lolo will visit us again on Wednesday and he will be the one to attend Andre’s recognition day. We are hoping that Biboy will receive medals in Academics again. Congratulations Andre.