Hardware Needs

It is summer time and it means more customers during the months of March , April and May.  Construction is in full swing and people are busy renovating and building their houses.  Some of our clients are looking for Grant sliding and folding door hardware that they need for their new home.  You can visit ovisonline.com for grant for more information on these kind of hardware.  Grant® offers the interior designer and specifier a very broad range when choosing folding and sliding door configurations.  Its going to be a busy summer for us and hoping that we we will be able to cater to our clients needs. 

Recognition Day

Andre will once again be recognized for getting first honors as a grade three student.  We are so proud of him.  He is best in Math, Science and English subjects.   He will also receiving medals and certificates for his achievement in Science Quiz, Math Festival and Metrobank MTAP competitions.  Congratulations Anak.

Soon to be Bride

Charlene April will soon become a bride.  She recently got engaged with her boyfriend last month in Germany.  They are planning for an October wedding somewhere in California and everyone’s excited.  This early, they are looking for gold wedding bands that they will use for their much anticipated wedding day. They are choosing between diamond gold wedding bands or gold carved.   I hope we could witness and attend April’s wedding on October but we could not because of my ….. I will tell it on my next blog

Memorial Invitation

Last March 7, Saturday, Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world handed out to invitations to people in 239 lands.   We warmly invite everyone  to a talk explaining how Jesus’ life and death can benefit you personally. The Memorial will be held worldwide on Friday, April 3, 2015.  Please visit  jw.org for the place and time near you.

To Buy List

It has been a long time since I made a to-buy-list for myself.   This year, I included  ATH m45′s  in my bucket list.  I will give it to my husband on our wedding anniversary this coming May.  This kind of headphones offer excellent build quality and very detailed, balanced sound with tight bass. They’re also very comfortable and are a relative bargain.   I believe Morning will enjoy listening to his music more using his ATH m45.

Metrobank – MTAP Math Contest

This is the 3rd straight year that Andre participated in the Metrobank MTAP contest held annually.  He placed 1st in the district competition from grade one to grade three.  He finished 4th in the division contest last year when he was in grade 2.  And this year he placed 6th in the grade three over-all competition.  He promised to do better next year.

Blackie the Black Dog

Blackie is a 2 year old Labrador and our only dog pet.  He is so big, big appetite and so black.  We wanted to buy him a costume at EntirelyPets so that he will look good any time of the day.   People will probably like him more wearing costumes that are unique and different.  This kind of pet costumes are comfortable and made to make dogs look adorable.   I can’t wait to see our big Blackie were such costume.

Math Festival 2014

Andre place 7th over-all in the grade 3 competition of Math Festival held in Bacarra Central School.   I am so proud of my kid.  Last year he placed 11th as a grade two student and he told me he would do better this year.  And he didn’t disappoint us.  Congratulations Andre.

Shaving Accessory

I regularly shave my body and face with cream.  A friend of mine suggested the use of Moss Scuttle during my shaving session. She said that using a Moss Scuttle isn’t difficult and it takes a couple of extra minutes of effort during your shave routine, but your reward is warm lather for each pass of your face.  I tried using it and i find using this Scuttle  a pure joy. It keeps the foam warm and I look forward to using it every morning. The quality is excellent and feels as if it was crafted with a great deal of care.  I am very glad i heeded my friend’s suggestion on using it.

Science Festival

Last January, Andre competed in the Division Science Bee for grade 3 students.  He won 3rd place in the District contest in Burgos so he was ablt qualify for the division round.  There were 120 students competing for the contest in grade 3 and surprisingly Andre got 11th place over-all.  We are so proud of him.   He’s not only good in Math but has a talent in Science as well.