Kendi Everyday

One of my favorite websites online is kendieveryday. It features different ways of wearing womens t-shirts that will really look good on you. Even if you only have a few jeans and shirts, you can mix and match these and you will look different and beautiful every single day. My sister in law is in the US and she promised to buy me some clothes there and bring it here once she gets home. She knows my taste and I’m pretty sure she’ll get me a nice shirt.

Back To School

Andre is going back to school. Summer is over. He’ll be in grade three this year. I hope he’ll do better in school again. I can still remember his first day in school back in kindergarten. See how time flies. Soon he will be graduating in grade school.

What to Do About That. Room

How can you create some order in your room? Hang up clothes lying around. A shoe rack will do wonders in keeping shoes in their place. Choose one drawer in the room at a time and work on it. You may want to put in the drawer some small cardboard boxes or transparent plastic bags. You can use sugatsune drawer slides so that you drawer will be durable and easy to maintain. In a short time your room will have an entirely different look and you will be developing a sense of pride in it.

Stay Active, Stay Healthy

Our work is a daily routine but not boring. However, prolonged inactivity at work, at school, or in front of the TV is linked to chronic disease. As we sit, the enzyme that allows muscles to draw fat circulating in the blood and burn it off drops precipitously. We all need heart pounding bouts of cardiovascular exercise to stay healthy.

Juice Everyday

We have been drinking a lot of natural 100% juices from the supermarket rather than drinking sodas. It supplies us with a lot of energy we need for our busy schedule. Also, it keeps us away from getting sick. Morning loves to drink broccoli juice every morning while I enjoy aloe vera juice. My mother recommends to drink amygdalin capsules as additional nutrition supplement. I’ll probably buy some at the drugstore and drink them regularly.

Saramsam Again!

Lola had her first dinner in Ilocos Norte at Saramsam’s. We had Pinakbet, Bagnet, Nilagang Baka. Last year, we treat April at Saramsam together with Lolo. They all enjoyed the authentic Ilocano foods being served at Saramsam.

Balikbayan Boxes

Everybody loves Balikbayan boxes. The last time we received a ‘balikbayan box’ was about two years ago coming from the States. The box was sent through container shipping international which is an affordable way of sending courier or packages abroad. The balikbayan box contains toys for Biboy and of course imported chocolates, undies, shirts, crackers and many others. Many thanks to Vivian and Sheila. Maybe we could send them boxes to states as well. More boxes to come.

No Biboy for 4 Days

Biboy will go to Manila to visit his Lola and Lolo for four days. He will be leaving on Monday night and will be back on Friday. I will definitely miss my only baby. He’s all grown up now and I’m sure he’ll a have a pretty good time with her grandparents. Go home soon baby.

Magnetic Bracelets

It’s been two years since I resigned from secular work. I stayed with the company for more than 12 years and was a recipient of 10 year loyalty award. All awardees received beautiful magnetic bracelets as a gift for their service to the company. There are studies which shows that magnetic bracelets can be an effective tool to improve blood flow. I hope that this is true since our body needs to have regular blood circulation to obtain good health. Now, I am wearing the bracelet regularly and it not only looks good on my wrist but keeps me healthy as well.

Pinakbet Pizza

You surely have tasted pakbet as a vegetable. How about pakbet pizza? We went to Paoay last Friday to treat our parents for a nice lunch. We had pakbet pizza, ilocano and chicharon pizza for lunch. And a tasty spaghetti with longganisa. We all had our stomachs full and we will definitely visit the place again.